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Hot Tank Powder or Hot Tank Cleaner for Steel 45 pound pail

Hot Tank Powder or Hot Tank Cleaner for Steel  45 pound pail Hot Tank Powder or Hot Tank Cleaner for Steel. 45 pound pail. This hot tank stripper compound removes heavy grease oil sludge rust paint and scale from ferrous metal parts such as engine blocks cylinder heads crankshafts oil pans etc. made of steel iron stainless and other ferrous metals. Do not use in contact with aluminum zinc galvanizing copper brass bronze tin or magnesium. Do not use in contact with painted surfaces unless paint removal is desired. DIRECTIONS For Use .5 to 1 pound per gallon of water. To charge the tank add the stripper powder slowly to cold water to avoid spattering and boil over. Do not add to hot water. Maintain the strength of the solution by periodic additions of hot tank compound. For optimum cleaning the tank solution should be heated to a minimum of 180 degrees F. For heavy cleaning the temperature should be raised to at least 210 degrees F. With the proper conditions of temperature and solution strength cleaning time will vary from 15 minutes up to an hour or more. Cleaning will be faster in agitated tanks and fresh solutions. Freshly cleaned parts should be thoroughly flushed with water and dried with compressed air or wiped down to prevent flash rusting. This is a low foaming powder that can be used in cabinets. Discounts for 5 or more hot tank powder or hot tank cleaner for steel 45 pound pail. Discounts will show when ordering.
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