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Insect Repellant Spray Bug Ban 14.25 percent deet 8 ounce can

Insect Repellant Spray Bug Ban 14.25 percent deet  8 ounce can Insect repellent spray Bug Ban is an EPA registered USDA authorized personal insect repellent. This insect repellent contains DEET to repel mosquitos biting flies chiggers and ticks. Unique valve system allows user to spray the product in any direction. Non oily formula will not stain clothing. Handy 8 oz. can is easy to carry. Remove protective cap from insect repellent point spray valve in direction of arrow. Press valve button to spray. Hold can 6 to 8 inches from skin or clothing while spraying. With slow sweeping motion slightly moisten surface. Saturation with insect repellent is not necessary. If used on face spray on hands first and then apply sparingly and avoid the eyes. Do not spray directly onto face. Avoid contact with eyes or lips. Apply sparingly around ears. Do not allow children to handle insect repellent bug ban. When using on children apply to your own hands and then put it on the child. Avoid over application of this product. FOR CLOTHING Spray clothing where insects are biting through such as around opening in outer clothing. Will not damage nylon cotton and wool. Should not be used on rayon and dynel. Do not spray in enclosed areas. Do not apply this spray insect repellent over cuts wounds or irritated skin. Do not apply to eyes and mouth and do not apply to the hands of young children. Do not spray insect repellent directly on face. Use just enough repellent to cover exposed skin and/or clothing. Do not use under clothing. Avoid overexposure. 6 ounces net weight per can.
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