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Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Spray 3 pack of 6 oz. sprays. Made in the USA

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Spray 3 pack of 6 oz. sprays. Made in the USA "Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 3 pack of 6 oz. sprays. Made in the USA. Over 80 percent by volume of ethyl alcohol. Meets and exceeds FDA Healthcare Personnel Hand sanitizing requirements. Kills 99.99 percent of germs on hands. Excellent for use by hospitals, dental personnel, children care services, nursing homes, veterinarians, emergency response teams, police and fire personnel, correctional facilities, money handling and food service workers. This alcohol hand sanitizer spray instantly sanitizes hands without water or towels. The special blend of emollients and ethyl alcohol leaves hands sanitized smooth and conditioned without an antiseptic smell. Helps prevent bacterial transfer and reduces hospital acquired infections. Alcohol Hand Sanitizer spray is not a substitute for washing hands from heavy soil. Important to use regular hand hygiene methods. No water or towels required. Apply enough Spray Liquid Alcohol Hand Sanitizer to cover all of your clean dry hands. Rub lightly until dry. Will air dry in 15 seconds leaving hands sanitized. Contains no dye or fragrance. Discounts for 5 or more Alcohol Hand Sanitizer spray with skin moisturizers. Discount will show when ordering."
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