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LDX Cleaner and Degreaser gallon bottle

LDX Cleaner and Degreaser gallon bottle LDX Cleaner and Degreaser gallon bottle. Here is one of the newest most effective cleaning agents on the market. Its three way cleaning action can conquer almost any soil problem known. It dissolves the toughest types of soil even those not soluble in water. It penetrates deeply to dissolve and carry off hidden dirt. It emulsifies soil particles so they are suspended then removed by chemical action and rinsing. Try it on heavy build ups of wax or grease use it to remove carbon deposits from ovens and machinery watch it completely clean rubber burns from floors. There is nothing else like it and because it is concentrated it can be diluted to any strength to do any cleaning job. Do not take our word for it try it yourself and see. Remember this is a cleaner for difficult cleaning jobs also works for daily maintenance of garage floors painted surfaces or plastic to remove grease and oil. DIRECTIONS. Dilute product with cold water. Apply with Trigger Sprayer. Mop and Bucket or Pressure Washer. Light Duty 1 to 120. General Purpose 1 to 40 and Heavy Duty 1 to 5. Depending on the the amount of soil use appropriate dilution. Clean woodwork stainless steel mirrors glass composite floors fixtures equipment ceramic tile terrazzo dirty engines carpet whitewalls equipment frames and other surfaces. Efficiently removes soils from concrete floors walls in restaurants and supermarkets and in the transportation industry. Do not store in unlabeled containers. Keep out of the reach of children. Discounts for 6 or more bottles of LDX Cleaner and Degreaser gallon bottle. Discounts will show when ordering.
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