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Shiny No Rinse Cleaner or Shiny NRC gallon bottle

Shiny No Rinse Cleaner or Shiny NRC gallon bottle Shiny No Rinse Cleaner is an economical medium duty cleaner. This controlled suds cleaner is ideal for use with a mop and pail with wringer or scrubber with squeegee pickup applications. This general purpose scrubber soap is effective against a variety of soils and safe on all washable hard surfaces. Shiny No Rinse Cleaner is non phosphate has a neutral pH is biodegradable and requires no rinse and is authorized by USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. This cleaner has been specifically formulated for walk behind or ride on scrubbers for large areas of warehouses with concrete floors coated or uncoated or tile floors. These machines cannot rinse floors and need soaps with a special charged surfactant system that will not leave a haze behind. This automatic scrubber soap is a great large warehouse floor cleaner or large mall neutral floor cleaner. This product will not hurt waxed floors. Discounts for larger amounts of Shiny No Rinse Cleaner or Shiny NRC. Discount will show when ordering.
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